2010 Raven Knob Camp

Camp Raven Knob 2010Leaving for Raven Knob; July 4th15 Scouts and 2 Adult Leaders from Boy Scout Troop 28 gathered at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church bright and early on Sunday, July 4 to embark on a week long adventure to Camp Raven Knob.   After everything was loaded into the cars and trailer the group attended the early worship service at GSLC.   Scouts camped, worked on rank advancements and merit badges and had fun together.

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All arrived safely at Raven Knob!  The tents / tentmates have been decided….everyone is having a good time!

They all had their BSA Swim Test…..successful for all!


It is about 11:00 am Monday morning, and all Scouts have had a sumptious breakfast of eggs, bacon, grits, biscuit, cereal, and orange juice. After a quick camp clean-up, they headed off to their individual classes (some are taking the same classes together). It cooled off last night, but the temperature is expected to possibly reach about 95 degrees today. Everyone has been reminded to use sunscreen and to hydrate. We attended the campfire at the O.A. (Order of the Arrow) arena last night, and we all had fun with the music and skits. Immediately following the campfire was the mad dash to the Trading Post to see what absolute necessities, like slushies or soft pretzels, could be acquired. 


All of our Scouts are doing well, in spite of some of the heat. We are making sure that they hydrate, and needless to say, the end of day ‘free swim’ is popular. Please pardon the slow communications; my Blackberry cell phone is not sending/receiving messages, in spite of adequate signal strength, and e-mail speed is very slow (hence my problems with trying to download photos to our website). Don’t worry; they will be posted, and you will be able to select out what you would like.

Yesterday four of us did a camp conservation project (ditch digging!), and we made and shared a dutch oven peach cobbler with our other Troop last night. This morning we went on a hike up to the top of Raven Knob mountain, where the view was great. Some of the older Scouts are enjoying their rifle and pistol shooting, and other enjoyable activities have been small boat sailing and canoeing.

We are getting their daily e-mails to the Scouts after breakfast each morning.

We look forward to seeing those of you who can come tonight.


The Scouts are all off to their last day of classes.  They are looking forward to completing their various tasks and requirements, as well as clean beds and air conditioning!  Fortunately, we had a light rain around 10:00 pm last night, which helped to cool things off and knock down some of the dust.  The temperature is less today and we will have our last campfire tonight. 

We very much enjoyed seeing those who were able to make it on Wednesday evening, and appreciate the efforts made by Jeff Bell and Lori Wilson in bringing great food! 

We have enjoyed the opportunity to meet the Scouts in the other Troop with whom we shared our campsite, and it has been a definite help to have several other leaders to monitor and guide all the Scouts.  The Scouts shared: tieing monkey fist knots, swaping stories, and played chess and card games.